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Safe Railing Guard Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can the Safe Railing Guard be used outdoors on my deck?
    Yes! The mesh fabric has been extensively tested in all four seasons here in the Midwest and is UV stabilized, so minimal fading should occur.

  2. How is the Safe Railing Guard better than other products for open spindles?
    Other similar products that we have found have a very loose weave in the mesh which is hazardous for small hands and paws. One product does not use mesh at all, but is instead a flexible, clear plastic. This seems beneficial since it is clear, but once dirty hands or paws press on it, you will be forced to clean it daily to keep it clear. Our Safe Railing Guard is see through and offered in two colors to blend in with its surroundings. Because it is mesh, it is soft to touch, yet very strong, and does not show any finger smudges.

  3. How do I attach the Safe Railing Guard to my balcony railings?
    The installation of the Safe Railing Guard is easy to do. You first make a hole in the bottom hem on the left or right corner at least 1/2 inch away from the edge. You then secure the mesh with one of the included straps at the lowest height along the bottom and repeat this process for the top.

    Once that side has been secured, repeat the process every 12-18 inches keeping the mesh even and removing the slack. Before you attach the mesh to the last post or spindle, mark and cut the mesh to length. After all the straps have been attached, trim the excess close to the ratchet end of the strap to avoid sharp edges.

  4. Before installing, what measurements should I know?
    Before ordering your Safe Railing Guard, measure the distance that you wish to block off, then round up to the nearest length divisible by 5 feet. For example, if you measure an area of 26 feet, you should order at least 30 feet. Any other measurements are not needed because you will cut the railing guard to size after installing.

  5. Do I need any accessories for the Safe Railing Guard?
    The only accessories you may need for installing your Safe Railing Guard would be the Additional Attachment Straps. The extra straps would be needed if you decide to move or re-adjust your installation of the Safe Railing Guard. Also, if your posts are thicker than 3.5 inches, the 17 inch straps may not be long enough. The Additional Stair Banister Adapter Straps are 32 inches long and can be used for installing the railing guard to posts up to 7 inches thick.

  6. What is the Safe Railing Guard made of and how durable is it?
    The fabric is a tough, non-toxic, reinforced polymer composite material that does not contain harmful chemicals. The fabric is UV, mildew, and highly scratch resistant. This same mesh is also used for truck tarps to hold down cargo. The Safe Railing Guard is the same mesh that the Retract-A-Gate and Bow Wow Barrier are made of.

  7. How do I clean the Safe Railing Guard?
    If your railing guard becomes dirty, you can clean it with mild soap and water as needed. If the dirt or stain is stubborn and does not come out with mild soap and water, you can use rubbing alcohol as well.

  8. Can I get a sample of the fabric used for the Safe Railing Guard?
    Yes; simply send us your name and mailing address and we will be more than happy to mail you a small fabric sample in both the Cafe and White. Email us at: to request your fabric sample.

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