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Retractable Baby Gate is better than expected
I wanted to share how much I LOVE this baby gate! I was searching and searching for something that would fit the large opening to our living room; when I found Retract-A-Gate, I was THRILLED. It's served us perfectly!

It's soft enough for my son to 'hit' his head against, but secure enough to keep him in the safe areas. I close it and don't give it a second thought; that alone is priceless! We ordered extra brackets so we can close off the living room or block off the top of the stairs; ONE GATE, removable and inconspicuous!
One gate can have two uses.
Retract-A-Gate allows
these two to play safe
Our dog is sweet, but he's hyper when people come over. I put the dog behind the gate and get him to calm down before someone enters our home. The fact that I don't have to shuffle someone at the door, our son, AND the dog is wonderful!

I love knowing there is a product out there that is of good quality, flexible enough to meet my various needs, and is American made. THANK YOU for a quality product from a "local" company! Everyone who sees it LOVES it! I have already recommended it to several people and will continue to do so!
Lisa H. - Norwalk, IA

Daycare Center recommended child safety gate
I think your baby gate is the BEST on the market. I have a home daycare and care
for 12 infants and toddlers a day. My staff and I go through Retract-A-Gate about 50
times a day, five days a week. It is a very good safety gate. I have four hard plastic
gates, two wooden gates and your retractable gate. I will buy another Retract-A-Gate
from you soon to replace one of my other gates. I do think for most applications it is
absolutely the BEST baby gate on the market.
Elizabeth G. - Fredericksburg, TX

Easy to use retractable dog gate
As pet owners, we found Retract-A-Gate to be just what we were looking for. Its simple,
one-handed operation lets us access the upstairs easily while keeping our dogs and cat
on the main floor.
The Andersons - Edina, MN

Retract-A-Gate works in RV's as well.
Retract-A-Gate also works in RVs
Retract-A-Gate dog gate for an RV motor home
I have found the Retract-A-Gate to be the best pet gate for keeping dogs out of the driver’s seat of our RV. We wanted a dog gate that was easy to install and one that would not take up much room. This was the perfect gate for our motor home; we spent days looking for the right one. Retract-A-Gate is the perfect safety gate for keeping our dogs where they belong. Thanks, you have a very good product!
Chuck & Sharon R. - Syracuse, NY

Great service and a great retractable baby gate
A BIG thanks to your customer service. You replied quickly to my emails and addressed our questions instantly. Thank you so much for your help; your service is outstanding! We love the retractable gates! They work perfectly for our 10 month old daughter and our big furry dog. Most especially for our daughter who is crawling faster and faster each day. Thank you again!
Dave P. - Calgary, Alberta Canada

Going strong after a year of child care use
I purchased this baby gate about a year ago. I wanted to wait until I "tested" it,
over time, before recommending it to others. I LOVE it! I do family child care in my
home and watch 6 children. My pressure gate was always falling down and I had
to store it on weekends. Your gate has held up so well and it has made my life much
easier! I recommend it to other home care providers.
Barbara B. - Tamarac, FL

Great customer service for this outdoor porch dog gate
We purchased a Retract-A-Gate and we love it. We looked a long time for an outdoor safety
gate for our porch and this was perfect. I just wanted to tell you that your service was fantastic.
The gate looks and works great; I wish I had found it a long time ago. We use it to keep our
golden retriever on the front porch. It not only keeps our dog safe, but it is easy to open and close.
Tim A. - Mentor, OH

Living adjustment made easy
I recently downsized from ten acres in the woods to an in-town condominium. My indoor/outdoor cat suddenly had to adapt to being an indoor only cat due to leash laws and a neighborhood filled with dogs. I tried to think of a way to enclose my patio so that we could at least sit outdoors together. I was thrilled to discover your Retract-A-Gate on the internet and the 72-inch width was perfect to fit between my arbor posts. When I showed your site to friends they all said my cat would jump over. So far so good. Mariah is very pleased with her new outdoor space.
Peg C. - Bloomington, IN
Retract-A-Gate helps enclose
open outdoor spaces

Retract-A-Gate fits odd angles
I am so thrilled to finally have safety gates that fit my oddly angled and oddly spaced walls. I can't thank you enough for this product. I have tried several types of safety gates only to have to return them. I was also pleased with how easy they were to install. I will recommend your product to anyone I come across who is searching for a gate. Thank you, thank you!
Chris B. - Snow Camp, NC

This cat can't go in the bedroom now.
"Can't go around it, can't go
through it, or over, or under.."
  Best retractable safety gate on the market
I love my Retract-A-Gate! It was easy to install and looks great. Best of all, I can open and close it with one hand which is important since I'm usually carrying my child. The baby gate is very slim and takes up a small amount of space when retracted. We had a retractable gate by a different company that was very hard to operate and install. The Retract-A-Gate is a HUGE improvement over the other brand! Customer service was great. They responded to my order quickly and shipping was fast. We love our Retract-A-Gate so much that now we own three of them. Thanks for providing such an awesome product.
Pam S. - Jacksonville, FL

Great solution for our problem
I just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful product and helpful website. We had a lot of trouble finding baby gates that worked in our home and your gates are fantastic. The design is absolutely brilliant. The ability to install the gate on a diagonal was the perfect solution for us. Not to mention how easy they are to install and to use. Thanks again, I will be recommending your gates to all of my parent friends.
Cindy C. – Westminster, CO

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Retractable baby gate and pet gate from Retract-A-Gate safety gates.