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the Safe Railing Guard  offers protection both indoors and outdoors
The Safe Railing Guard attaches to your balcony or deck railings to help prevent children and/or pets from getting through the spindles. Since the material is mesh and not a solid plastic, you don�t have to spend time cleaning off those smudgy finger and nose prints. The mesh is also more durable and less likely to tear or rip and will never get brittle and crack like plastic does when used outdoors. This mesh is the same material the Retract-A-Gate and Bow Wow Barrier are made of. This tough, washable fabric can be used in a variety of ways.

Don't forget to buy your Safe Railing Guard before its too late.
  • Some Suggested Uses:
  • Blocking off the spindles along your balcony
  • (indoors or out)
  • Covering open railings outdoors on your deck
  • Making a visual barrier to signify a closed-off area
  • Covering spindles along the stringers going upstairs or downstairs
this is how the Safe Railing Guard can be used
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We offer this mesh in bulk quantities of both Café and White. The mesh has 1 inch hems on the top and bottom (just like the Retract-A-Gate and Bow Wow Barrier). The mesh can easily be cut to any length or angle you want to fit your specific needs.

This fabric is not a replacement part or extension for the Retract-A-Gate or the Bow Wow Barrier.

Top Five Reasons -
Why you need the Safe Railing Guard:
dont let this happen to you
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  1.  Three of your four kids have gotten their heads
      stuck between the stair spindles.

2.  Your son drops Beanie Babies on his little sister
      through the upstairs railing.

3.  Tinkerbell the puppy has to be leashed on the deck
      so she won't fall through the railings.

4.  The in-laws leave with gummy bears stuck in their
      hair that mysteriously fell from above.

5.  Your baby's favorite game is "Make Mommy go
      downstairs and get my binky".
How do you use the Safe Railing Guard?
The mesh material fastens to your hand railings and posts/spindles with the straps that are included with your purchase. Once installed, the material helps stop your kids and pets from getting through the spindles.

  • Basic Dimensions
  • 34 inch tall mesh includes 1 inch hem on top and bottom
  • Length: Increments of 5 feet
  • 10 included straps are each 17 inches long

How is the mesh fabric installed?
The installation of the Safe Railing Guard is easy to do. You first make a hole in the bottom hem on the left or right corner at least 1/2 inch away from the edge. You then secure the mesh with one of the included straps at the lowest height along the bottom and repeat this process for the top.

Once that side has been secured, repeat the process every 12-18 inches keeping the mesh even and removing the slack. Before you attach the mesh to the last post or spindle, mark and cut the mesh to length. After all the straps have been attached, trim the excess close to the ratchet end of the strap to avoid sharp edges. If you wish to read the full installation instructions, click here.

        Safe Railing Guard Users Guide (opens a new window)
this is how you would install the Safe Railing Guard on a railing corner
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The Safe Railing Guard stops your puppies from falling through
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Some of Our Customer Feedback

I have 3 Greyhounds and their dog room is between the kitchen and the garage. I keep the garage door open for air circulation. No other dog door was practical but this one is fantastic and so easy to use. The mesh is still perfect even though they occasionally get excited on my return and have jumped up on it. This product is well worth the money. Convenience, quality, and prompt delivery!

Robin G. - Rosarito, Mexico

I was babysitting the other night and Olivia's parents told me they had just put up this mesh fabric from Smart Retract earlier that day. They had it covering the stair banister railings and it really put my mind at ease. If it had not been there, I wouldn't have been able to go to the other room to get her sippy-cup since she could have easily gotten her head stuck, or worse, squeezed through herself and fallen down the stairs. It even prevents her from throwing her toys down to the floor below.

I am so thankful for this mesh fabric, it made watching little Olivia much less stressful.

Hope B. - Dakota, IL
The Safe Railing Guard is safe for children to touch.
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Kids and Dogs aren't the only ones that can sneak through
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We were looking for a retractable screen type gate to keep our cats out of the kitchen at night. We never thought we would find one that worked with cats, and were a little skeptical at first because of their sharp claws.

Our three big male cats couldn't damage the Retract-A-Gate mesh with their claws or their teeth. This is tough stuff--and it looks great!

Melissa & Steve M. - Galena, IL

A Few Common Questions

What is the Safe Railing Guard made of?
The fabric is made of a reinforced polymer composite material that is tough, non-toxic, does not contain Lead, Phthalate, Latex, or BPA chemicals and is formaldehyde free. The fabric is UV, mildew, and highly scratch resistant.

How durable is the Safe Railing Guard?
The mesh fabric was put through numerous durability tests. In one of the tests to see how tough the fabric really is, we attached a piece of the mesh to a cat scratching post. After several months of use by adult cats, the fabric still had not ripped. In other applications, this same mesh is also used to cover and hold down cargo in the back of semi-trucks.

Can I get a sample?
If you would like a sample of this mesh material, be sure to include your name and mailing address and we will be happy to send you fabric samples of both the White and the Café. Just e-mail us at: .

If you would like to read more Frequently Asked Questions
about the Safe Railing Guard, click here.
about Shipping or Returns, click here.
Don't forget to buy your Safe Railing Guard before it's too late

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