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Retract-A-Gate Retractable safety gate at a glance.
Retract-A-Gate offers the best combination of ease-of-use,
durability, and aesthetics than any other gate in its class.

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  • Here are some of the unique advantages:
  • Automatically rewinds to a small roll; no winding by hand
  • Is the only retractable safety gate holding a U.S. Patent
  • Was tested to stand up to use by both cats and dogs
  • Can be installed diagonally and work at any angle
  • Allows you to step through without fully opening
  • Was designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Offers the most durable mesh on the market
  • Was engineered for both children and pets
  • Is 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Is quiet when opening and closing
  • Can be used in multiple locations
  • Fits larger openings – up to 6 feet
  • Is easily operated with one hand
  • Comes in two colors; Café and White
  • Has clear mounting brackets (made of
  • the same material as bullet-proof glass)
  • Is manufactured for high traffic areas in your
  • home or business – built to last!
sideview of the Retract-A-Gate installed

The lock mechanisim is very simple to use
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How does the Retract-A-Gate close?
Simply snap the gate into the wall brackets on one side of the opening. Be sure that the lock is in the Unlocked position.

Using the Handle Slot, pull the fabric across and hook it into the wall brackets. Next, lock the retractable safety gate by pushing down and then turning the knob on top. There are gears on the inside of the lock which mate together; this prevents the mesh from unwinding once it's secured in position. Always keep the gate in the locked position (see photo on left).

How does the Retract-A-Gate open?
To retract the gate, unlock, and then unhook the handle rod from the wall brackets. The internal spring automatically rewinds the mesh; no need to hand wind. The entire process is extremely simple, is easily done with one hand, and takes only a few seconds to do. For a visual aid, see the photo animation on the right.

Easy Installation
A major design feature of the Retract-A-Gate was its easy installation. Because of this, you can attach the gate to either side of an opening. The gate can mount in the door jam, around the side of a walk-way on the wall, at an angle, or even at the top or bottom of the stairs. Install the top brackets first, about 30½ inches off the floor. Mount the lower brackets next; between 3-4 inches off the floor. Then simply snap the gate into the brackets; it's now ready to use.

    Retract-A-Gate Users Guide (English and French)
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move mouse away to start
Retractable dog gate pet gate for your pet's safety at Retract-A-Gate.
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  • Accessories you may need
  • (To purchase these accessories, click here)
  • Wall Spacers are used with brackets to keep the spacing across the opening identical, or to prevent the baseboard from interfering with the gate opening and closing
  • Stair Banister Adapter Kits are used to install the gate to a stair post or spindle without drilling holes
  • Drywall Anchor Kits are used to mount brackets over drywall
  • Additional Wall Bracket Kits are for relocating Retract-A-Gate to different locations
  • Detailed information on accessory items can be found on the Accessories page by clicking here.

  • Basic Dimensions
  • Gate extended: Maximum 52 or 72 inches including brackets*
  • Gate when retracted: About 3 inches in diameter
  • Height: Mesh is 34 inches; 38 inches to the top of the lock
  • Brackets: 2.5 inches wide by 1.25 inches high
  • Brackets mount at 3-4 and 31 inches off the floor
  • *For information on covering wider openings, click here


Retractable dog gate pet gate for your pet's safety at Retract-A-Gate.
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Some of Our Customer Feedback

I received my new Retract-A-Gate yesterday and installed it in the primary location this morning. The installation was very easy and the gate works like a CHARM! I am particularly happy with it as I have installed it in a location across a diagonal opening from one wall corner to another. It works PERFECTLY and has created a perfect gating set-up for my needs. I also purchased extra brackets for an alternate location across a doorway.
THANKS so much!

Lynda R. - Centreville, VA

I love the way there's no button to hold in while
unwinding and winding like the other gate we
have. Thanks again.

Tom W. - Lockport, IL

            A Few Common Questions

Can you make a custom gate wider than 72 inches?
Presently, we only make retractable gates for openings up to 72 inches. If you would like information about covering wider openings, click here

Is this gate recommended for dogs and cats?
Retract-A-Gate is one of the tallest retractable safety gates available, which keeps most pets from jumping or climbing over. Also, our mesh fabric is highly scratch resistant. To test the durability of the mesh, we attached a piece of the fabric to a scratching post in a house with cats. After several months of use, the fabric still had not ripped.

What makes Retract-A-Gate certified for children?
Retract-A-Gate has been professionally tested by an independent testing facility for compliance with the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) for use at the top and bottom of the stairs. The JPMA is a national organization dedicated to educating consumers on the safe use and selection of juvenile products.

Pressure mounted baby gates cannot be certified for the top of stairs installations. The only way to make a safety gate secure enough to pass certification is to mount it with screws, which is what our wall brackets require.

Both models of Retract-A-Gate are re-tested every year to maintain their certification. Retract-A-Gate also exceeds the Canadian Safety Standards for baby safety gates.
Retractable dog gate pet gate for your pet's safety at Retract-A-Gate.
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This is just one example of how the Retract-A-Gate can be used on an angle
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  Could I install my gate at an angle?
Yes, that's a common use of the Retract-A-Gate. A great advantage of our gate over other safety gates is that Retract-A-Gate can be installed on a diagonal and work at pretty much any angle. This is because the wall brackets were engineered to give you this versatility. For the best security with an angled installation, the opening of the bracket should always face away from the safety gate. See photo to the left for an example of an angled installation.

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Retract-A-Gate child and pet gates have received the NAPPA Honors Award!
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Retractable baby gate and pet gate from Retract-A-Gate safety gates.